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Safe transport from the start of the journey to the destination. Our trucks are equipped with a GPS monitoring system, which allows the customer to know exactly where his shipment is. Two-driver crews are another guarantee of on-time delivery and safe transport. To keep safe and prevent any unpleasant situations, every shipment has cargo insurance policy, which covers the risk of theft, fire, accident and more.
Expeditions to Romania and the EU.

We offer you national and international road haulage solutions with tarpaulin trucks. We find efficient solutions even for small and light goods that we group together with other types of goods, so that all customers benefit from a favourable price for their transport. Also, with our extensive fleet of 50 trucks and 60 semi-trailers, we offer the fastest services for transporting large quantities on various national and international road routes, both export and import. The usual destinations of our trucks include Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Hungary, but we are happy to transport any goods throughout Europe. Our work doesn't end with the road. We have contracts with major shipping companies that provide container transport as well as container parcel services.

Safe storage.

The warehousing and transit of goods is carried out in a cross-docking system, based on an experienced and competent team, a qualified and dynamic crew, space and state-of-the-art means, suitable for the storage procedure according to the required (EU) standards. With a storage space of over 1500 sqm we manage to keep the goods safe and deliver them just-in-time. We offer stock-keeping, handling, repacking and online order picking solutions at the request of our customers. We also keep goods that remain in trailers for hours or days safe because our truck parking lot is guarded around the clock. Our modern forklifts allow for fast loading and unloading of trailers.

24/7 Dispatch.

It is important for us to always know where each of our shipments are. The same goes for our customers who put their trust in us. That's why we give them the support they need, no matter what time of day it is, so they always know the reality on the road. Our dispatcher is at your disposal with communication support in English, German, Turkish, Hungarian and Romanian, for efficient communication even with your partners waiting for us at your destination.

Car service for trucks and semi-trailers.

You can benefit from professional truck and semi-trailer servicing at the Tauros logistics base. We are at your disposal with an experienced team of professionals and a service equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to respond promptly to any request, no matter how big or small. Repair service for running systems (replacement of brake shoes, bushes, cams, brake regulator cams, shock absorbers, air cushions, etc.). Repairs to mechanical steering components (replacement of rod ends, control levers, pivots, etc.) Repair of mechanical brake system components (replaced brake discs, brake pads, calipers, etc.) Routine maintenance (change engine oil, transmission, grease and adjust braking system, filters, etc.) For parts ordered at the service you get a 5% discount on the sale price.

Prompt customs clearance operations.

Tauros Company transports goods under customs seal. We have contracts with forwarding companies that ensure speedy customs clearance.

Special transports.

The complex needs of our customers have motivated us to offer special transport solutions tailored to the cargo. This allows our customers to benefit from low costs and fast delivery. Agaborne transports, together with the escort services of agaborne transports, allow the safe transport of special cargo, which exceeds the length, width or height of a normal truck. Together we configure the route to the destination to ensure that it will allow safe transit for the cargo and other traffic participants. Freight transports under 3.5 tonnes are the ideal solution for fast transport anywhere in the country and abroad. We ensure efficient transport in Romania and Europe. From import and export services to transit services, we respond promptly to every request. The success of an expedition also depends on good preparation prior to the transport, so that the driver has both the truck ready for the journey and is in the right physical and mental condition. Our two-driver crews are an ideal solution for fast transports. Transport with double-deck trailers, which can also be used for transporting non-exposable goods in 2 rows.

GPS surveillance.

Each of the Tauros trucks is equipped with GPS tracking, which allows us to always know where each shipment is. We allow our customers to know exactly where their shipment is by providing a username and password to log in to the Ecomotive platform, which allows GPS tracking. For each route segment we provide traffic management by notifying the customer of deviations from the planned route and time slot. This allows the most accurate time estimate of when the destination will be reached.

Just in time transport.

Particularly for the automotive industry and manufacturing facilities that prefer to keep their raw material storage to a minimum, we offer just-in-time transportation services, which guarantee that the raw material needed for certain stages will arrive before actual production reaches that stage. We undertake to meet much tighter delivery schedules, keeping delays to a minimum. Our 2-driver crews are ideal for such international shipments.

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