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Tauros Mobile Service is part of the Goodyear Truck Force database.
Mobile Tester and Diagnostic Services

The Tauros mobile team of mechanics is where the trucks have problems. They come to their rescue with: Professional truck, utility and semi-trailer diagnostic equipment. Reading and clearing faults Viewing technical parameters and activation states Establishing diagnostics in the monitoring of repair work allows the vehicle mechanic to intervene exactly at the fault site. Tyre service

Cold vulcanisation

Tauros Mobile Service is part of the Goodyear Truck Force database. We carry out cold vulcanisations or replace the defective tyre with a new one from existing stock. The mobile service is equipped with the latest technology in the field (tyre press, balancing machine);

24/7 Dispatch

Tauros Mobile Service is based on a team of mechanics trained to deal with the most complex situations. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Europe. Goldschmitt Authorised Service Goldschmitt authorised service for the installation of airbags for 3.5 t trucks Equipment included: compressor, power generator, welding machine. Rapid intervention for problems with the tyres of the tractor-trailer combination.

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